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Join a society of career-driven individuals who are tired of looking for a job and are ready to find their career. Become inspired, motivated, and educated as you continue to move in your career journey. Join a network of professionals within and outside of your profession.

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You are not alone on your career journey. The Career Society offers a built-in network of professionals here to assist you on your journey. This is not a place where professionals will never respond to your questions.
We are all in this together. You will be able to contribute as well as receive career guidance. This is a community of hardworking professionals seeking their next big career opportunity.

  • Courtney coached me through the interview process and wrote my resume. After an injury, surgery, and layoff, I took the time to reinvent myself. I landed an opportunity in a similar field. However, the one thing I learned from Courtney was: (1) I'm looking for a job and employers are looking for an employee; (2) if you know your worth you'll realize that you're as important to them as they are to you- actually you're more important; (3) you're the prize; (4) get your money up front; and (5) Tell them how much it will cost them for you to perform the job. All in all-you have the power! Thank you Courtney Rhodes. I am excited about my future career opportunities.
    Jerry A.
    Sales Management Professional
  • Courtney has provided invaluable advice and counsel throughout my career. While in law school, she assisted in providing expert advice while developing my career profile, and was instrumental in helping me find a satisfying role within a Fortune 500 company. What I found the most helpful was her straightforward approach and counsel on how to properly address strengths and weaknesses. In addition, Courtney was able to use her expertise to provide advice in the various aspects of the hiring phase and in salary negotiations. Since working with Courtney, I have been able to successfully grow my career in a relatively short period of time. Courtney Rhodes will always be someone I keep close as I continue to develop and grow in my career.
    Marcos R.
    Senior Compliance Officer
  • Courtney makes what you think is the impossible - possible within the job market.  The job market is very saturated market, however from the moment I met her, Courtney's words of wisdom and  encouragement uplifted my spirits and she became one of my biggest cheerleaders. Without her expertise on resume writing and interview skills, I know that I would not have landed my dream job.
    Priya P.
    Licensed Attorrney
  • Courtney has been a very valuable resource in my career search and and interview process. Her intuition, job market expertise, accessibility, and step by step guidance are exactly what I needed to reach the next level in my career. I would highly recommend her services.  Thanks!
    Brian R.
    Compliance Professional

Plan Your Career Path

Remaining connected with the Career Society will motivate you to develop a strong career plan. This group was created to provide you with a safe space think out loud. Create short-term and long-term goals. Share them in the network and receive accountability and encouragement.
Sometimes it is difficult to create clear plans. You will receive weekly support to help foster your career goals. If you would like individualized planning, please feel free to visit the services page and consider a career strategy session with a career coach.

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