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1Am I guaranteed a job offer or an interview if I receive The Career Society’s services?
No. There is no guarantee that you will receive an interview or an offer because you receive The Career Society’s services. However, your chances greatly increase. Preparation is the key to obtaining a position in this competitive market. Candidates who furnish strong resumes and adequately prepare for interviews are more successful in their career than candidates who are unprepared.
2If I am dissatisfied with the services, will I receive a refund?
The Career Society strives to make all of our customers happy. If you are dissatisfied with services, please let us know. We will be sure to repair the matter. Refunds are given as a last resort and on a case by case basis.
3I would like to receive all services listed on the services page and would like a customized package, is this possible?
Yes. If you are interested in a comprehensive coaching package, please contact We will schedule a time to speak to determine your career services needs.

1Are there any fees associated with signing up for the network?
No. Joining the professional network is free. Services listed on under the “Services” tab have associated fees and are listed for your review.
2Will I be able to use foul language and/or racial slurs to express myself on the network?
No. Using inappropriate language such as sexual innuendos, curse words, or racial slurs will have you removed from the group. First, you will receive a warning. If it occurs again, you will be removed from the group. The Career Society is a professional network. Therefore, communication should be professional and pleasant. This is a great time to practice your communication skills as you pursue your career goals.
3I have great products that I would like to showcase on the site, is it ok for me to place my products on my network page?
No. There is no solicitation on the site. The focus of this group is to network professionally without distractions. First time it happens, you will receive a warning. The second time, you will be removed from the group. However, if you are interested in purchasing advertising space on the site, please contact

1I am an employer who would like to post a current opening. Is this acceptable?
Yes. Please note that the role will be viewed to assure authenticity before it will be posted. If you are interested in commercial space for your posting, please contact . Fees may apply.
2As a recruiter, hiring manager, and/or employer am I able to join the network?
Yes. The Career Society welcomes all professionals to join, especially ones with hiring power. We would like for you to contribute to discussions.

If you have a question or concern that is not listed above, please complete the contact information listed below. We will be sure to get back with you shortly.

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