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August 14, 2017
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Hair Weaves in the Workplace

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I don’t know much about weaves and wigs but I’m a fan on others. Weaves and wigs are acceptable in corporate America. However, just like natural hair, there are a few rules to the game:

1. CONSULT A PROFESSIONAL. Please have a professional hair stylist provide you with a consultation and properly put the hair in for you.
2. PURCHASE GOOD HAIR! Please seek a professional hair consultant for your hair. You want to avoid cheap hair. For work, you want to make sure it is presentable.
3. THINK VERSATILITY choose something you can rock professionally during the week and fun on your off time.
4. THINK HOW DOES THIS MAKE ME LOOK? Be sure to commit to the hairstyle in your mind. If you don’t like it, you won’t be confident.

5. BE CONFIDENT! Rock your hair and let it blow in the wind. The true secret to success in corporate America is confidence.

Bonus tip To weave and wig admirers: Avoid comments and questions such as “is that your hair” or “your hair has grown over the weekend”. In these situations, when you don’t know what to say refrain from saying anything. It preserves work relationships and it avoids any awkwardness.

If  you have questions on how to deal with your coworkers who wear weaves or if you have questions on whether your hair choices are professional, click here to schedule a session with The Career Society.

#knowyourworth and get some great hair because #youareworthmore. Knowing how to deal with hair water cooler talk will be placed your#careerkeychain

Courtney N. Rhodes
Courtney N. Rhodes
Courtney Rhodes is a full time HR Professional, Career Coach, Mother, Wife and running enthusiast. Courtney has been writing for "On The Rhodes Again" and "The Career Society" since their inception. She empowers her community with knowledge about family and career opportunities.

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