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Interview Preparation Session


Whether you are a seasoned or an entry level professional, interviews can be tough. Receive up to 2 hours of coaching and interview development from qualified HR personnel in the industry.  During your session, mock interviews are also provided to help you become more confident and proficient in the interview process. Go to your next interview professionally fit and ready to tackle all interview questions. Sign up today!

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In this 2 hour interview preparation strategy, you will receive strategies on how to ace your interview. You will also learn and practice the following interview styles.

Phone interviews
Panel interviews
One on One Interview

In addition, you will learn how to attack different types of interview questions such as:

Finally, you will be able to tackle the question asked in every interview – “Tell me about yourself”.

You will learn how to gauge facial expressions, condense responses, and make a strong first impression. Finally, you will be able to ask thought-provoking questions leaving your interviewer(s) speechless.

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