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August 14, 2017
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August 18, 2017
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Summertime Searching

#careerkeysoftheday #professionallyfit  Summertime is a great season to relax, travel, and have fun. The kids are out of school,  company productivity decreases, and there is a small break in daily routines.  This appears to be the worst time to think about your career. Should you place your career on autopilot in the summer? How can you effectively use this fun and “unproductive” season?  Here are 3 ways to effectively use your summer to benefit your career.

  1.   PRAY AND/OR MEDITATE. Take this season, to really explore your next career opportunity. Get away from your daily noise and relax. I always take time to reflect and pray on major life decisions. Please take this time to re-center yourself. If you take a trip to the beach this summer-use this as reflection time. If you are unable to get to the beach, just take an hour out of your day to visit a local beautiful park. Clear your mind and really hear your next steps. Imagine yourself at the pinnacle of your career (or your career “happy place”).
  2. WRITE THE VISION.  What you envisioned in your reflection time, write it all down. At this point, none of it will make sense. However, just get it out of your head and on to paper.  Take as long as you need to jot down your thoughts.
  3. CREATE AN ACTION PLAN. How will you get there?  Take this time to work backwards.  Create the steps you will take to reach your vision. Use items written in step 2. You want to make sure that all ideas are incorporated into your action plan.  It will take time to write a cohesive plan but this is a great use of time.

When you #knowyourworth ,you know that harvest season is around the corner and winter is coming. Every season matters. #youareworthmore than letting the summer pass without creating a strong year end game plan.  You are capable of making great changes in your career before Thanksgiving.  It all starts now! Place reflection and planning on your #careerkeychain.

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Courtney N. Rhodes
Courtney N. Rhodes
Courtney Rhodes is a full time HR Professional, Career Coach, Mother, Wife and running enthusiast. Courtney has been writing for "On The Rhodes Again" and "The Career Society" since their inception. She empowers her community with knowledge about family and career opportunities.

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