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August 14, 2017
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Temporary Layoffs Are Not Good Times

#careerkeysoftheday #professionallyfit #terminatedwithdignity Temporary layoffs are not good times. However, you can make the best of it. Here are 3 ways that you use the signs (given last week) to your advantage:

1. NETWORKING Start meeting with friends and/or colleagues to let them know you’ve started your job search. Really make a list of people who will help you with your search. It’s time to put them on notice and send them your resume.
2. USE YOUR CURRENT JOB. You are currently employed so this is an advantage. Use your current job as leverage. It gives you the appearance that you’re not desperate but seeking your next opportunity. There’s a huge difference! Also, ask for new projects that will help strengthen your resume.
3. SEVERANCE STRATEGY. Just as you negotiate your salary, you should negotiate your severance. Your employer will end your relationship as cheaply and quickly as possible. It uses a script to tell you that your services are no longer needed. Make them break the script and be prepared for the end. The employer hopes it catches you off guard. Flip the script! Be ready! Same rules apply in negotiating your salary – the answer could be yes, no, or a counter offer.

#youareworthmore than a scripted thank you and good bye. #knowyourworth so that you can find another opportunity that will elevate your career. Be prepared and keep your #careerkeychain on point! It’s always the employer’s loss when you leave!

Courtney N. Rhodes
Courtney N. Rhodes
Courtney Rhodes is a full time HR Professional, Career Coach, Mother, Wife and running enthusiast. Courtney has been writing for "On The Rhodes Again" and "The Career Society" since their inception. She empowers her community with knowledge about family and career opportunities.

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